Desert Hills Fights Firepower With Firepower

by Develon Isom, KCSG 9/24/2011

“He (Michael Needham) was inspiring and receiver Ty Rutledge said the team noticed his willingness to play.  ’Oh, he’s got heart,’ Rutledge said. ‘I was amazed. He came out there and played, he couldn’t even lift his arm. He ran hard and showed leadership. That’s what we thrive on in this family.’  … Then Harris, who played extraordinary for the Thunder (19 rushes for 155 yards, and went 12 of 20 passing for another 216 yards) threw a screen pass out to Rutledge two yards behind the line of scrimmage. Rutledge made the catch and a Flyer cornerback was closing. ’Porter threw it out to me and the corner came up real quick and surprised me,’ Rutledge said. ‘He didn’t come up with the hardest hit.’  Rutledge dumped the attempted tackle, and took off down the field for the 41-yard touchdown to put Desert Hills up by 10: 41-31.”


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