Thunder in the Night

by David Cordero, The Spectrum 11/12/11

“Against Hurricane, Rutledge sustained a mulit-faceted injury in which he strained his groin muscle, tore a hip muscle in multiple places and ripped a tendon in his leg. The fallout from the malady: He missed a grand total of one game. Rutledge, whose pain tolerance makes his teammates marvel, leaped into the St. George night and corralled Brinker’s pass for a 33-yard score as Desert Hills regained the lead 17-14 with 11:52 to go. ‘I was supposed to be a lot more open than I was, but you have to fight for the ball,’ said Rutledge, who is amazed at how fast he healed. ‘I just ended up catching it and I was right in the end zone.’ “


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